Voice Module

Feature Name : Voice Module Application

User Code : Direct Application

Programming Code : 

                    601 + 1/2 (voice part) - Create voice message parts. 
                    611 + 1/2 (voice part) - Record the message from extension.
                    612 + 1/2 (voice part) - Record the message from external source.
                    610 + 1/2 (voice part) - Play the recorded message.

                    Assign the recorded voice message to a feature using 602:

                              Command + Feature + Voice Part
                                   602     +   1~5    +      1/2

                                                    1 - DISA Day message
                                                    2 - DISA Night message
                                                    3 - Alarm Greeting message
                                                    4 - Auto Redial message
                                                    5 - Message instead of music when Trunk is held/parked.

Default Value : Only 1 Voice part (part 1) is selected, and the voice play duration is 4 sec.

Feature Type - Programming

Description of the Feature : It is a voice record/playback feature, which can be used to record a voice message and play it in DISA, Alarm or when a trunk line is held/parked.
                    1 Part = 60 sec full, 2 parts = 30 secs each - All models.
                    1 Part = 60 sec, 2 parts = 60 secs each - 9600, Intrex 192.                   

How to Use : 
                      First, record the voice message using 611/612 and assign it to the required features using 602.

Restrictions : 
                         Voice module feature not available in 308 CLIe, Intrex 24 models.
If Music On Hold is activated, all the remaining voice features are disabled(if active) and they cannot be activated till the Music On Hold is deactivated. This restriction is not there in 9600 system. If you enable/disable Music On Hold, the system restarts.

                         For voice in DISA cases, you need to enable voice on trunk using 261 command. 
                         At the time of DISA, if the voice resource is busy, voice message playing will be skipped and music is fed. 
                         You can dial the desired extension number in voice message playback time if you want.

Modifications / Suggestions : 

                  Voice Message Recording tips:

>>Select a good telephone instrument.                   
>>Select a peaceful place. Switch off fans and other sources of noise.
>>Start your message as soon as the warning tone stops in 611 programming.
>>Select a person with clear voice to record the message.

If a need arises to default the system using 101-101-101, there is no worry about the recorded messages. The messages will remain intact. If system reset is done thro jumper, the messages are erased.

                 In 9600 system, there are 2 voice modules, which gives fully flexible usage of the 2 voice messages without any conflict.