Trunk Reversal

Feature Name : Trunk Reversal

User Code : Outgoing call from a reversal enabled trunk.

Programming Code : 

Command details to Enable / Disable Reversal on trunk:


Trunk line

Reversal on/off

Call Maturity on/off



1 / 0

1 / 0


Default Value : No reversal  on trunk detected. Only call maturity timer works

Feature Type - Programming 

Description of the Feature : This command is used to detect the trunk reversal and calculate precise call duration in outgoing calls.

How to Use : Enable Reversal on a trunk using 260 command, and it will be sensed for each outgoing call from that trunk.


To program trunk reversal on trunk lines 01 and 03, and store outgoing calls as per reversal and call maturity both on trunk 01 and only reversal on trunk 03. 


You Hear

You are in programming mode

Programming tone

Dial 260 + 01 + 1 + 1

Confirmation tone

Dial 260 + 03 + 1 + 0

Confirmation tone

  • To program all trunks simultaneously, use the ‘#’ key in place of trunk line
  • Check the outgoing call details on the reversal programmed trunks to confirm the call stored is as per reversal / maturity delay (R / D).
  • Default setting: All trunk lines are reversal disabled, and their calls are stored as per maturity delay timer (91023 programming – default = 30 sec)

Restrictions : The trunk provider must provide reversal on trunk. Some GSM providers may generate reversal by default, and some of the GSM FCT's detect the reversal.

Modifications / Suggestions : 

This feature is best applicable to hotels, where there is a need for calculating the exact call durations.