Trunk Access Groups

Feature Name : Trunk Access Groups

User Code : 0/5

Programming Code : 501 + Trunk Line(01~08) + Group 0 On/Off(1/0) + Group 5 On/Off(1/0)

Default Value : All trunks are in Groups 0 & 5

Feature Type - Programming / User : Both

Description of the Feature : You can program different trunks in seperate groups for your convenience. Normally, non-STD trunk lines and STD trunk lines can be split into 2 groups. Setting trunks in a particular group makes it alloted in Global memory Dialing(00/55), 0/5 trunk selection, etc.t

How to Use : Dialing 0/5 selects the trunks in that group in a random manner. This selection will be skipped when LCR is enabled on that group.

Restrictions : 

Modifications / Suggestions : 
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