General Troubleshooting issues:

  • System Not Booting
  • Trunk not being accessed with Selective dialing
  • Trunk only incoming but no outgoing
  • Trunk Line dead
  • RBT coming on calling extension, but No ringing on called extension 
  • Music not playing
  • Lifting an extension directly selects trunk line
  • No / incomplete CLI on extension
  • No / incomplete  CLI on trunk
  • Crosstalk between calls
  • No speech from DSS
  • Extension line dead
  • COMM port not working
  • DSS not becoming active
  • Wrong / junk message display on DSS
  • Error tone on dialing an extension
  • Not able to enter Programming / Administration mode
  • Forgot / Lost programming password
  • Calling an extension diverts to another extension
  • Continuous incoming ring on a particular trunk Line
  • Dialing (internal / external) failing every 4th time
  • Programming tone instead of dial tone upon off hook 
  • System is resetting frequently

9600 System Troubleshooting issues:

  • All extensions of a card are dead
  • DSS disabled automatically
  • No dial tone on extension
  • System hanging