Remote Prog

Feature Name : Remote Programming

User Code : Flash + 391 from an extension in speech with a trunk.

Programming Code : 

Default Value : 

Feature Type - User : 

Description of the Feature : Using this feature, we can program the EPABX from remote end.

How to Use : When an external trunk is in speech with an extension and the trunk needs to enter Remote Programming, the extension dials Flash + 391 to make the associated trunk to enter remote programming. 

Then, the extension gets confirmation tone and it can offhook. The trunk will get silence tone, and the party at remote end needs to enter programming mode(101 + 2345) and start doing the necessary programming.

After the programming completes, he can press '0' to come out of programming. Then, he can:
a) dial * to end the process;
b) dial an extension number to speak

Restrictions : Programming that requires Flash to complete are not possible to be done thro Remote Programming, like 302,303,etc