Port Identification

Feature Name : Port Identification

User Code : 150~154

Programming Code : -NA-

Default Value : -NA-

Feature Type - User

Description of the Feature : Sometimes, it becomes complicated and cumbersome to identify the corresponding hardware port for a flexible number or vice versa. This may happen due to usage of bulk extensions systems like 9600 or intrex 192 systems, or due to confusion after assigning flexible numbers. In such cases, it is necessary for the engineer/user to identify the hardware port/extension number.

How to Use : 
                   Just lift an extension and dial the required command and put the handset after confirmation tone. You will get a single ring alongwith the number displayed.

                   150                -> Displays the Hardware Port number for the extension dialed this command.
                   151                -> Displays the flexible number for the extension dialed this command.
                   152 + Extn No -> Displays the Hardware Port number of the extension dialed.
                   153 + Port No -> Displays the flexible number of the port dialed.
                   154                -> Displays the last updated date of system software in "ddmmyyyy" format.

Restrictions : You need to use CLI-display telephone instrument to use these commands. These are online commands and cannot be done from OPCON.

Modifications / Suggestions :