Operator Extension

Feature Name : Operator Extension

User Code : 9 

Programming Code : 341 

Default Value : 21 or 203 is operator extension

Feature Type - User 

Description of the Feature : Any extension can call operator by simply dialing 9. It can be changed using 341 command. 

How to Use : Dial 9 and you will be routed to the operator extension.

Restrictions : When you program using 341, the system restarts.
                    The same operator extension cannot be reprogrammed using 341.

Modifications / Suggestions : In Operator console connected systems, you can connect operator to any extension you like thro hardware 2 lead wire, and can assign it using 341 command.

                      Secondary Operator Extension:

                      In OPCON based models, there is a secondary operator extension, which functions when the operator is absent. By default, it is 204 extension. Generally, OPCON will be connected as primary operator and a telephone instrument as secondary operator. 
                      The secondary operator can be assigned using 342 command.