Missed Call Back

Feature Name : Missed Call Back

User Code : Direct application

Programming Code : 


Location Index 


Outgoing Trunk 

 Telephone no

Flash / # 






Flash / # 

Command details to clear entire Missed Call Back Table:

212 + 212 + 212

Default Value : No Missed call back programmed

Feature Type - Programming

Description of the Feature : This feature provides missed call back operation. First, you need to store the number which should be scanned and dialed out alongwith the outgoing trunk no. If the EPABX receives an incoming call from that particular number and it becomes unanswered, it will be dialed out after 5 seconds if the programmed outgoing trunk is free. Else, it waits till it becomes free and dials out. 

How to Use : Program the missed call back number using 209. If the number is sensed by EPABX as an unanswered incoming call, it will be automatically dialed out by the EPABX and the call routes to the programmed trunk landing group / OPCON

Restrictions : This feature is applicable for CLI models only, and the trunk CLI should  be enabled using 206 command for checking the incoming number with the programmed number, CLI limitation will be effect to use this feature.