Hotel Motel Features

Feature Name : Hotel Motel Features

User Code : 

Programming Code : 

Default Value :

                     Floor service code is 38/380 and floor service extension is 21/201
                     All extensions are in common service group 0.

Feature Type - Programming / User : 

Description of the Feature : Communication is one of the key business source for hotels. This EPABX comes with useful hotel-motel features.

                     Flexible Room Numbering:
                     You can assign flexible numbers to the rooms in each floor as per the floor notation using flexible numbering command 41(check Flexible Extension Numbering)

                     Floor Service:
                     There is a requirement of having common room service number for all the rooms on different floors, but the ring should be given to the respective floor service extensions. It is called Room service.

                     Command details for extension on the floor: 
                     721 + extn no + Floor no(1~9)          

                     Command details for floor service no changing:
                     712 + Floor service code(4-digit) + # to complete

                     Command details for floor service extension define:
                     701 + extn no + floor no(1~9)

                     Guest / Service Group:
                     There are 3 types of groups in this system

                     A - Service Group
                     It is a common group. Any extension can call this group and the group extension can call any other extension.

                     B - Guest Group:
                     This group extension can call only service group extensions and cannot call any other guest. Normally, we put single guest(room extension) in this group.

                     C - Groups 2~9   (Centrex)
                          Groups 02~99 (Intrex)
                     Group of guests occupied more than one rooms can be put under common group. All the extensions in this group can call each other and service group extension also. These extensions cannot call any extension which is in some other group. Such different groups can be defined.
                     Command details for Guest / Service Group programming:
                     731 + extension + group no(1~9 / 0)

                     Check-in / Check-out:
                     Every time an extension is checked-in, the following takes place:
                                          A new account is opened for that particular guest;
                                          The STD / Local lock is opened, depending upon the set lock level;
                                          The room status is changed to "occupied"

                     Every time a checked-in extension is checked-out, the following takes place:
                                          A detailed report with summary and call costs is printed;
                                          The STD / Local dialing facility is locked (Level 4 set);
                                          The room status is changed to "vacant"

                              Command details for Check-in / Check-out programming:
                              761 + extn no + check-in / check-out (1/0)
                              Here, check-out follows Check-in and check-in follows check-out.

                    Temporary Check-in / Check-out:
                    This feature allows you to lock the extension dialing in the guest room when the guest goes out. It helps in avoiding misuse of guest extension by hotel staff / any other persons.

                              Command details for temporary Check-in / Check-out programming:
                              762 + extn no + check-out / check-in (0/1)
                              Here, temporary check-out follows Check-in and temporary check-in follows temporary check-out.

                    Room Shift:
                    Some times, guests want to change the room as per their convenience. At that time, it is mandatory to shift all the previous dues to the newly assigned room. This is possible using this command.

                              Command details for Room Shifting:
                              741 + Old extn no(Old room no) + New extn no(New room no)
                              The new extn should be checked-in before doing the shifting.

How to Use : Mentioned above...

Restrictions : 

Modifications / Suggestions : 

Check –in/Check-out from OP-CON


            Check–in and check-out on any extension can be directly done from CHK-IN and CHK-OUT keys of OP-CON. Temporary Check–in and check–out are also done using the same keys.


            Whenever check-in on any extension is done, you can directly add a name to the extension, which is normally done using 543 programming.


Command details for Check–in Check-out keys enable/disable:


Enable / disable


00 / 01

Default setting:           These keys are disabled.