Flash Timer

Feature Name : Flash Timer

User Code : Flash

Programming Code : 331 + Extension + Count (2~9)
                                                                  1 = 100 milliseconds

Default Value : Flash Timer on all extensions  is  5  (500 ms)

Feature Type - Programming  

Description of the Feature : A hook switch or FLASH key of telephone instrument is generally used to do a Flashing. Technically, Flash is breaking the loop current in the range 100~900 milliseconds. Flash timer indicates the time duration for which the loop breaks. The standard Flash timer alloted to all extensions is 500 milliseconds. 

How to Use : User needs to make use of Flash in the following cases:
                   1. While transferring a call from one extension to another.
                   2. While toggling a call between 2 extensions.
                   3. While making conference between 3~5 parties.
                   4. For some special command terminations in Engineer Programming mode.

Restrictions : 
1. This feature is not applicable from DSS OPCON. Operator can handle call holding using various keys.
2. Some telephone instruments and cordless phones does not support Flash in the standard range(500 ms). So, you need to fix it using 331 command. 
3. Flash Timer should be fixed properly. Otherwise, it may lead to valuable calls disconnection instead of holding the calls.
4. When a trunk call is made, you need to wait till the Call Answer (generally 6-7 sec after last digit) to hold the call using Flash. Otherwise, the call disconnects