Feature Group

Feature Name : Feature Group

User Code : 

Programming Code : 

311 + Extension No + Level (0~9) 

The 10 levels with 20 features are loaded by default into the Feature Group table. If you need to change the table entries, you can do by using the command:

     312 + Group + Feature 00 On/Off(1/0) + Feature 00 On/Off(1/0) + ... + Feature 19 On/Off(1/0)

Default Value : All extensions are in Feature group level 5.

Feature Type - Programming 

Description of the Feature : Almost all the features available for the user are packaged into 10 groups with full/partial/no availability. This makes it possible to give selective features access to the users. There are upto 20 features available, out of which first 8 features are available to all extensions by default.

How to Use : In every operation from an extension, these features availability will be cross-checked in the background.

Restrictions : DSS OPCON is unaffected by these features, as almost all of the features are not applicable from DSS. 

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