Feature Name : Trunk DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

User Code : 

Programming Code : 211 + Trunk no + 1/0(day) + 1/0(night)

Default Value : DISA an all trunks off. Music is fed to caller if DISA is on.

Feature Type - Programming 

Description of the Feature : 
                                        When an incoming call comes thro DISA-enabled trunk, the call will not directly land on the programmed TLG/OPCON, but is routed thro an interactive mode. The caller gets music/voice message for programmed time and then he will be given a chance to dial the required extension no or service extension, so that his call will be directly routed to the required destination with ease.

How to Use : 

Restrictions : 

Modifications / Suggestions : This feature gives an operator-less call routing facility and thereby reduces the burden on the operator.
                                          This feature is internally linked with an optional voice message playback instead of music in some models.