Feature Name : CLI Based Trunk Landing

User Code : Direct application

Programming Code : 


Location Index 


Incoming number 

 Flash / #





 Flash / #

Command details to clear CLI TLG Table:

208 + 208 + 208

Default Value : No CLI table programmed

Feature Type - Programming 

Description of the Feature : You can route important phone calls directly to the programmed group by sensing the incoming number using this feature.

How to Use : using 207 command, store the desired telephone numbers assigned to the groups created by 202 command and experience a special routing and call landing for those numbers.

Restrictions : This feature is applicable for CLI models only, and the trunk CLI should  be enabled using 206 for checking the incoming number with the programmed number in CLI table.

Modifications / Suggestions : 

If you don't want to sense any incoming number on EPABX, just create a Trunk Landing group(202 programming) with dummy extensions and assign that group to that number in the CLI table using 207 command. That number becomes unanswered forever. You can make the best use of it in missed call back feature.