CLI on / off on trunk

Feature Name : CLI ON/OFF on Trunk Line

User Code : Direct application for incoming calls

Programming Code : 
                               206 + Trunk no + enable / disable(1/0) + delayed / immediate ring(0/1)

Default Value : CLI on all trunks disabled.

Feature Type - Programming 

Description of the Feature : If CLI is enabled on a trunk using 206 command, the incoming number on that trunk will be displayed on the CLI telephone instrument or on OPCON. 

How to Use : 

Restrictions : It works in CLIe model systems only. The service Provider of the trunk should provide CLI sending facility for the CLI to be detected by EPABX.
                   Some operators provide FSK signals or FSK+DTMF together. In such cases, the EPABX does not detect CLI, because it detects only DTMF signals.

Modifications / Suggestions : Its better to disable CLI feature on a trunk using 206 command if there is no CLI facility on that trunk or there are no CLI display extension phones. It will save valuable resources of the system.