Call Pickup

Feature Name : Call Pickup

User Code : Dial 4 on dial tone

Programming Code :  Feature Level 2 and above (311)

Default Value : Enabled
                      All extensions are in common call pick up group 0.

Feature Type - User

Description of the Feature : When any extention is ringing, its call can be picked up by any extention using this feature.

How to Use : When an extention is ringing, lift the handset and dial 4. If it is a valid ring or you have permissions to pickup, the call will be connected to you.
                    Call Pick Up Selective:

                    When more than one extension is ringing and you want to pickup a selective extension, call pick up using 145 + extension no.

                    Call Pick-up Group:

The call picking extention should be in the same call pickup group of the ringing extention. The call pickup groups are created using command 351. Based on the geographical locations of extensions, the call pickup groups are defined or based on the type of group. The programming is:

                    351 + extn no + Group(1~9 / 0)

Restrictions : 

You cannot pickup an auto call-back call or alarm ringing call
                    This feature is not applicable from DSS OPCON.

Modifications / Suggestions :