Call Forward

Feature Name : Call Forward

User Code : 141, 142, 143.

Programming Code : Feature Level 7 and above (311)

Default Value : No call forwarding is allowed (FL 5), and no call forwards are applied on any extensions.

Feature Type - User 

Description of the Feature : You can forward calls landing on an extension to other extension/OPCON with 3 types of forwarding cases specified below.

How to Use : You need to dial the commands from the extension whose calls are needed to be forwarded.
                    Dial 141 + dextn no - Call Forward all calls landing to dextn no.
                    Dial 142 + dextn no - Call Forward when this extension is not answering/no reply to dextn no.
                    Dial 143 + dextn no - Call Forward when this extension is busy to dextn no.
                    Dial 140 to cancel all types of call forwards.

                    The feature applied extension gets Programming tone instead of dial tone to indicate that it has activated call forwarding feature. 

Restrictions : This feature is not applicable from DSS OPCON.
                    Call forward is applicable from the feature dialing extension only.

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