Auto Cut

Feature Name : Auto Cut

User Code : 

Programming Code : 
                               Auto-cut on extension for:
                               Local Calls       -> 251 + Extn + On/Off
                               STD Calls        -> 252 + Extn + On/Off
                               Incoming Calls -> 253 + Extn + On/Off

Default Value : Auto-cut OFF on all extensions

Feature Type - Programming: 

Description of the Feature : This facility can be used to control conversation on extensions if required. This feature helps you to bind talkative extensions with ease.

How to Use : Enable the type of auto-cut on an extension. When the extension starts speech, auto-cut countdown timer starts. If the speech continues beyond the timer, the extension gets warning tone. Then, if he needs to extend the call, he needs to do Flash + 393, which is called Auto Call Disconnect Increment request. All the timers that works in this process are programmable.

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